Sunday, 30 October 2011

Space and Shield

The upcoming pitch requires a 'wow' image to blow the audience away before we even get on stage. I believe this will be on the brochure.

This is the level of mind-blowingosity I'm aiming for. AT LEAST!

My wow image is going to be based off of this basic composition I did in Maya with my blocky models.

I'll just trace over it and flesh out the creatures, the composition helping with perspective, colours etc. I'm also planning to add HUD from the probe camera (this explains the extremely close camera) and perhaps even a crack on the lens (which explains why the 'photo' will be blurry). I've foolishly left this until quite late and so there's a possibility of it not being finished in time for the hand-in. Failing that, I'll use one of my Pitch slides.
Such as these:

'Triple Dash' is the company responsible for XenoWildlife films such as "Mars' red fossils" and "Europa: The Ocean Moon"

This one is in rough - that light-grey smudge is supposed to be the sun reflecting on Fentil's surface

I really like that grey grid - which is good because I'll be using it a lot for the whole Fentil project.
So I should probably get on that whole wow image business!

Oh yeah, and completely nothing to do with anything - A few months ago I made this shield:

It was a bit of an exercise in using minimal textures. I could have done a more interesting and more complex object, but I figured that I'd start off small and simple.
It was vaguely based on the visual style of the upcoming Skyward Sword and one of the shields.

THIS shield in particular
I'm somewhat looking forward to this game.

Now time for some things to watch:
The Backwater Gospel

Making of:
I like how in their pitch they break down how they make their wonderfully stylized characters. It's a wonderful insight and I'm sure that they had a very successful pitch. I also really like how they rigged their mouths, using independent sprites for the phonemes. They also included their animatic which is useful research for making my own animatic (see last post).
A cool music video by the director of Akira , Ken Ishii.

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