Thursday, 21 June 2012


I've been experimenting with as lovely new site called p3D , who let you upload .obj files and have them viewable in-browser. It's pretty cool.

I've experimented with low-poly models so far to test it out, but from what I've seen it can handle fairly high-poly meshes, though I suppose that depends on the computer the model is being viewed on.
The first guinea pig was my low-poly, low-texture shield. Works smoothly enough.

The second, and much more recent attempt was a voxel interpretation of a Platehead, an alien grazer.

The 'wow' image for Fentil: Another Life shows 5 Plateheads grazing on Tile Tops, feeding through their tails.

For this voxel Platehead I used a similar process to my voxel shark:

Begin with a profile of voxels

Add layers and 'chisel' voxels untila shape is achieved

Flip the voxel model

 Add texture. Complete.

In other news, I've been working a lot more on lately, and now it is complete with a gallery, xenobiology, and modelling section. Give it a look please. I'm also slowly moving my blog over to it, too, so posts may get thinner on this feed.

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