Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Eye sure have been busy.

Don't hate me for the pun.
Last night Olly said that he needed a rig where the eyelids move as the eyeball moves. It's never essential to a rig, but it does add a lovely subtlety which I think is noticeable. While I don't think he'll be using this model, I do think I did the job with the actual rig, despite some rushed weight binding at the edges.
I'm pretty sure I over-did it with the eye-twitch.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on Another Life, the Fentil wildlife documentary third year film thing.
I am happy to say that I have a near-final storyboard sans annotations so there may be some abiguity as to what's going on, but it shows the basic unveiling of the story.
I'm in the midst of making a rough animatic with silly mouth-and-nose sound effects just for timing purposes. I've been advised to hold off making the animatic/storyboard too pretty until I've done more research into cinematographic methods of nature documentaries.
Doug Allan is a nature photographer who has won a fair few awards for his work, and it's definetely going to be part of my research. I've also been watching countless nature documentary series' such as Life, Planet Dinosaur, Secret Lives etc.

I've been overdosing on Attenborough.

Fentil (or at least this film) needs a blog or website or something, and I should really stop putting it off. I did in fact start a blog for it (here) but there's nothing there to look at, as I'm still tinkering with the HTML to make it look nice. I want the cool stripey blue bar at the very top of the post, above the heading, but I'm still working on it. However, now that it is getting some decent development done, I need to keep the blog up.

It's somewhere along the long list of things to do.

High on this list is preparing for the upcoming pitch.

Kinda nervous.

HOWEVER! I do have a plan for the presentation:
I will 'pretend' that I have already visited Fentil, and that I have returned with field sketches and some wonky photographs, and that if my pitch is successful, I will be funded to go back to the planet and 'film' the Another Life documentary. I think it will make the pitch more fun, and acting out the part might help dispel some of the inevitable stage fright.

Once the pitch is behind us, I'll begin work on a block-through animatic in 3D. Lucky for me, I already have a tail-feeder block model rigged and ready for use:

I have also made a similar model for the bright-eye. It is yet to be rigged.

I'm definitely feeling a lot less stressed now that I have a basic plan of what I need to do over the next few weeks.

Next post I'll put up some drawings I've done - I'm pretty backed-up on doodles by this point.

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