Monday, 7 June 2010

Animal Firm

more like animal FINISHED!
ha ha!
(well, I ended up calling it 'CORAL')

It's all done now.

Coral Pictures
Surely I didn't forget to upload this!?

Project Bible

I guess that's it for this year.

Friday, 4 June 2010

more stuff

Time for another update.

First off, the result of the whole WHAT thing:

It's not finished, but I'm happy with the result. We're planning on finishing it properly over the summer.
I spent most of my time on it modelling and rigging the forensics guy and the killer, which we didn't get round to using. I animated the policeman's reaction.
I had hoped to do more animation, but I was away for a while, which affected how much we got done.

Next, Animal Firm;

I'm sticking with the crabs/octopuses idea.
Here are some concept art pieces;

Here are the two protagonists, Pebble and his big brother, Lump.
Lump is about twice the size of Pebble.

[edit - more character concepts]

This is a concept for the sort of setting that the film will take place in. These large sponges act as a sort of block of flats.
One of the main points in this underwater world is that it is a truly 3D environment, allowing doors on walls, floors and ceilings, as the crabs that live in them are able to crawl about on any surface. I've got a great idea for a chase sequence through a complex network of tunnels and chamers where the camera constantly changes angles and position to become completely disorienting.
Kinda like how in bits of Dead Space you can jump from surface to surface in the absence of gravity. There's one bit while trying to destroy poison-generating creatures that you need to jump through freezer chambers which has the same disorientating changing of gravity I imagine possible in a panicked scene.
Here it is. Skip to about 1:25

Another comparison could be with Super Mario Galaxy, how no matter what shape the body is, you can still walk around on any side.

Also, I want this game.

Finally, some Fentil stuff I've been doing:


Adult Bghelly

Loyal Followers