Friday, 28 October 2011


...yeah, that.
So I've made a very rough animatic for Another Life.

The sounds and even some of the shots are tentative for now, but it's just to get a grip on the timing of shots and pacing. It really feels like some of the shots are rushed to make the film under 3 minutes. As much as it pains me to do so, I'll definitely have to do some cutting down if I want the film to be properly paced.

It saddens me

To help me with figuring out the action and how to 'film' it, I'm making a diorama of the 'set'. For this I decided to have a little fun with it, and emulate something that I love (for some reason) in video games. Level dioramas:

For some reason these little caricatures of environments capture my imagination.
So I'm doing one for the Another Life environment, just to get bearings of where everything is. It can also give Olly something to light while he waits for the actual sets.

One of the things I've been looking into for these sets is how to connect the Tile Tops. Their caps grow in a circular fashion, however, seeing as they grow to the same height, the circular caps tessellate, and so can no longer remain circular. It took me a while to figure out how best to imagine how this would look, until recently I discovered that I didn't need to.

Bubbles (and skin cells) fit the bill perfectly - and these have really helped with planning it out.
I already have a model of a Tile Top plant:

But at this point it's redundant as there has been changes to the design (There's no 'petaling' on the blue cap - now it's just flat like a drum skin) but the final models will be rigged to an extent so that I can use the same model but adjust the cap shape to allow for the above tessellation, and to make up for the more slender species that border the plains that provide shelter for the Bright-Eye and its pup.

How cute

I will be making this in Maya soon enough.
Now back to working on the pitch...


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