Monday, 20 September 2010

Back in Cornwall, now with added internet.

So since I've been back, I've done quite a few sketches, and Fentil has had a few breakthroughs....

... unfortunately my scanner is acting up and I can't scan in my those sketches.
To summarise:
The planet's map has been revised:

The blue is the land, where Earth would be green. Fentil plant are blue.
The red is the ocean, as Fentil has a shallow ocean with a red marine forest, instead of reefs, all over the sea floor.
The orange areas are 'rust deserts', covered in red, iron oxide sand.
Surrounding the planet in a 'bubble' near the edge of the atmosphere is a thin layer of airborne organisms which act as a living o-zone layer.

Some photoshop sketches of a baby beachclimber and baby forkhead:

luminopticates and other dorsoplacates have a new skeleton set-up:

They are descended from the same stock as vertebrates. The girdles, which in vertebrates anchor the limbs to the 'ribs', in dorsoplacates these have fused together and separated from the main spine in the front and middle girdles, leading to a rear hinge of the main body.
For more info, check the DA upload.

In related news, a speculative biology forum has been talking about Fentil without me knowing, it's strange thinking that other people are talking about my work;
I feel like Fentil might be getting somewhere.

Next goal; make a Fentil website.

Until I update this entry with those sketches, here's an animated short which took me a few days to complete:

It's called 'JACK'.
This idea started off as a doodle in a sketchbook which I eventually turned into an animated short. It's strange thinking that the last animated short I made, 'Failed Mugging', was made around this time last year.
Perhaps September puts me in the mood for explosive, bloody punchlines.

I made this in a different way to my usual cartoons.
Usually I put both the sound and visuals in Flash and export them both together. This time I tried something a little different and made the animation with only a basic sound track for timing; exporting it without sound. I then took that silent video file into Garageband and made a new, cleaner, better audio track.
Garageband is okay for sound/video editing, but isn't ideal. After Effects or Premier would be a better choice, but I don't have them.
Speaking of Garageband, I've been experimenting with sound distortion and audio-log style recordings. The sound is going well, but for some reason, no matter what frame rate I set the video, it never syncs with the sound, causing a horrible lag.

So here's just the audio.
Ignore my awful voice acting, it was just a test.
I think the static works okay, though I reckon adding some distortion on the video itself would really help.

Speaking of videos, here's that arrowtongue turnaround in a nicer youtube window.

I still need to rig it properly and texture it.

Oh, and before I forget.
Dead Space 2!

Here's a lovely little piece of artwork of it,

Monday, 6 September 2010

Summer Stuff

Sketchbook Scans:

Ugh, I despise the Blogger photo uploader.

A turnaround of this arrowtongue which just wont seem to get finished.

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