Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I've had a lot on my plate

But I'll blog anyway.

I've been watching LOADS of stuff on ChannelFrederator on Youtube and I've found some pretty good stuff.
Here's two of my favourites:

I like the animation in both of these, especially the psychotown one, using 2d characters in a 3d environment... and I think it's funny. That whiny-housewife of a gimp.


What else have I been up to....

Yeah the WHAT? thing.
We have a shot rendered out.
It looks REALLY good:

Olly did a great job with the render settings, and that sub-surface scattering looks wonderful on his skin. Lookit them ears. hugh did well animating it.
We're rendering shots as we finish them, so hopefully, even if we don't finish it, we'll have SOMETHING to show for it that looks finished.
I've just finished modeling the killer and today I'm hoping to finish rigging her.

Once she's rigged we can start the hallway scene, which will be good.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Back in the biro

Done a drawing today, not related to anything in particular, was just in a drawing mood.

I tried to cross hatch it in a way the suggested the form. The horrible,flabby form.
[Bad quality due to my printer/scanner combo refusing to scan without a full array of ink cartridges, so I had to photograph it.]
I'm doing a negative space test on the back of this page, so that'll probably be done tomorrow.

Bad news on the 3D front;
That rig I fashioned, weighted and animated not a few days ago.
It's useless.
Pose positioning problems led to the skin warping horribly when given weights.
It needs re-doing.
This would have been completed today, but MAYA has finally realised I'm an animation student, like it has with everyone else and has turned its back on me. It crashed twice, froze up once. The first time I had just completed naming the 60+ bone skeleton. PLUMPH! crashed. I started again. SPLIJH! Died again. This was the harshest, as the cursor was over the save button, finger ready to press down on the mouse button. It didn't save. The final freeze killed any/all motivation I had left. I spent a 10-or-so-minutes unwrapping the arrowtongue in a more coherent way [nothing like a monotonous task to calm your brain] and the UV unwrap looks a lot more like what you'd expect to see on a UV sheet; various body parts splayed and warped like it went under a massive steam-roller.
So my contribution to this project is back where it was about a week ago. Next week will no-doubt be a busy one.
I'm having serious doubts as to how much of this we are actually going to complete. I have no doubts on the others' skills, I just don't think we're going to have enough time to make it anything like we want it to.
We were too ambitious, I think.

As for those other, equally important projects? Well animal firm is still, unfortunately being excluded from the thought processes and is sitting, cramped in the back of my head. I do keep trying to pull that gear into the main clockwork of conscious thought, but the sheer velocity of the thoughts whirling in cognitive maelstrom deflect it back. Imagine driving at 70MPH in 5th gear and then changing down to 1st without the clutch. Similar situation. There's just no opportunity for the teeth to connect effectively.
I'm getting stuff done for the word games. This week is to draw song lyrics. This should be a good one.
Also, it was kind of nice to see people choosing my 3-word game for theirs last week. I know I'm probably not the first person to play it, but it was an independent invention that I'm proud of. It kept me busy in many-a-free period last year.
Oh those were the days. The lonely, lonely days -_-' .

Maybe there will be more optimism tomorrow, but as for now, the last of the caffeine and taurine are burning out.

Now, to bed.

Maybe everyone else's hangovers tomorrow will give me some comfort, who knows.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sync your RIG.

So, I've pretty much finished the rigging of the Forensics guy and all of the deformations.

Here's a little test of it;

-Edit 7/5/10- Gotta rig it all again .-_-.

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