Friday, 2 September 2011


I know that if I do this now, it'll make my life easier for the next here is

Lord of Style


I decided to play about with scale, a bit like the deities in Barlowe's Thype drawings.
Such as this one:

Unfortunately, Barlowe hasn't released much Thype stuff yet, which is a shame.
It's essentially about an alien guy taking a pilgrimage full of gods, demons, monsters and aliens etc.

I've also been watching a lot of Adventure Time lately, and its strange creatures and fantastical landscapes have helped get me into a more Fantasy mindset and loosen up on the things I draw, and I think some of that has worked its way into the drawing.
It's nice to not have to adhere to a load of physics, gravity and other logical forces when drawing creatures and the like. Just don't expect Fentil creatures to start pooping rainbows and glitter...



I drew some other stuff. Nothing worth posting on its own, but doodles are what I'm all about:

I am world-renowned for my use of colour.

You may watch this now:

The Bear That Wasn't

It's an old Chuck Jones cartoon about business and its silliness. And bears. It's also about bears.

Normal Walk


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  1. what the hell was that last video?! amazing.
    Its CG right? what fantastic production values for such wonderful retardedness.


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