Saturday, 3 September 2011

Doodle drawings

I'm pumping these bad boys out like...a...



This is my poor attempt to emulate the cool concept-art style of a lot of cool mech stuff, generally keeping the shading to flat blocks of colour. I didn't use any reference or sketch, so the form is a little stodgy.
The edges are also still a bit too soft.

Carrying on with the whole modern-dressed deity theme. It's pretty fun, actually. I also like the deity slayer. He's purple.
This deity is a lot smaller than the other one.

I have also been working on the storyboard for the Fentil thinger.

SOME people decorate with wallpaper

Also, I am working on some inbetweens for an animation that Tom Gameson is working on. It's about riots and all that fun stuff, should be interesting.

Pretty certain this whole post read like it was written by a guy with brain-lumps, but I couldn't really think of an articulate way of saying "I DID PICTURE STUFF TODAY ACKNOWLEDGE ME"


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