Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A little update.

I'm still tinkering with HTML and CSS for the Fentil website, so I still have nothing to show.
However, I do have some drawings and videos to show:

Another Life: Bright-eye concept stages

The stages of the side-on concept art for the Bright-Eye in the Fentil documentary. I'll be doing a similar one for the front so I can use it for Maya reference. I'm not sure of the best way to model this.
I could go about it in the same way as the raptor I did - start with a profile and flesh it out as you go. I learned it from here:

I might try a few different techniques, but one of the major things I want to tinker with is using normal maps to take care of the little details, freeing up polygons and making the model more economical etc.


Here are some doodles on brown paper with biro and white pen. The benefit of using darker paper is that you can add the highlights, which helps define the shapes. I'll have to give it another go with a white pencil to get smoother highlights.

Photonimal natural history

This began as a simple doodle in a sketchbook to help me get my head around the taxonomic tree of these organisms. Add a red filter and some text and BOOM! textbook page.

I ♥ DV

A quick photoshop doodle professing my love for the podcast, Distorted View (caution - explicit)
That heart is...it's a...well, it's this.
it's a running gag on DV.
The podcast is funny though, definitely worth checking out if you like weird stuff.

Now you can watch things to..er...cleanse the palette:

Saga of Biorn

I like how even the snowflakes are made of stylised knots.

The cel shading makes me think of Wind Waker (Which I have been playing lately - it's one of the few older games that have aged well) and I'm a big fan of this look.
It also made me think of an episode of Samurai Jack (possibly one of the best cartoons ever) where a viking warrior is cursed into a magma warrior, unable to be defeated in battle and so, unable to ever be free.

It's actually quite sad.

Legend of Grimrock

I've been thinking about game design lately and I found this dungeon crawler, which looks nice but has such devilishly simple controls that it would be an easy game to make mechanics for.


I'm not normally a fan of tweened stuff in flash, because in a lot of cartoons it's over-used and just looks awful. I'm not sure why Gundarr seems to get away with it, though.
I think maybe that they use a lot of sprites for each tween, so it doesn't look like a bunch of cut-out bits being pushed about.

Shows like Adventure Time,Flapjack and Regular Show are the few mainstream cartoons that are almost completely frame by frame, and they just stand out.
They also seem to swear a lot more than cartoons that were on when I was younger:

It's weird hearing someone on a kids show saying "pissed off".

Minecraft 1.8

So here's an announcement/demo from PAX of the upcoming update for Minecraft.
I'm pretty excited.

Because it's taking so long, here's the Terrain.png from a Mars texture pack I've been working on:

It's mostly complete with lots of carbon fibre. The only things left are Nether tiles, cobwebs and wheat.
It's taking just. So. LONG.
However...pixels are fun so I'm going to carry on with it - Once I've done this one I'll do a post-apocalyptic one, featuring ash instead of snow.

Back to tinkering with code...

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