Thursday, 25 August 2011

For yer eyeballs.

I'm sick and have been too busy drinking water/sleeping/feeling sorry for myself to do much work lately.

Instead, here's some cool animations I've found and some brief analysis.


I love the animation of this, and being a Minecraft player, I 'get' the 'message' behind this inspiring piece.
Creepers are dicks.

Fuck you.

The song is also surprisingly well done, despite being a parody.

One issue that this video brings up is re-mapping in animation. (At about 3:00)
Re-mapping is when you distort time for whatever reason, often to show details or complex movements, made very popular by the movie 300. Also seen here.
The advantage of re-mapping in real-life footage is that everything in-shot has no choice but to comply with the time distortion and the whole effect looks very nice.

The problem with re-mapping in animation, however, is that a lot of those details need to be put into the background to show that time has slowed down, otherwise it just looks like the characters are moving really slow/fast. Like in the minecraft animation, it's not 100% clear that time is being manipulated.
Minecraft doesn't have swaying grass or dust or anything else that would be useful for showing time's slowing, so I suppose they didn't really have much to work with.
Another way to show the effect could be with perhaps a filter over the footage, such as a tint or messing with contrast.
Still, it's a really good video. There's a fairly long explanation/making of here.

"I'm a monster"

Needless to say, the frame-by-frame animation is beautiful. It's also cleverly coloured and the character designs are simple and effective.

The characters have so much personality and detail, and in the mere ~3 minutes we spend with them, we already have a decent understanding of their interactions.
The dog, for example, has eaten a squeaky toy. From this we can gather that it's probably a lazy/bumbling/useless dog.

"Fruit Hat"

It's an old one, but I still find this little movie hilarious. The art at the beginning with the subway trains and the jiggling lightbulbs is also pretty nice.


If you can't be bothered to watch all of the custom map, then skip to "6:50" to get to the good bit.
They even got Valve to provide GLaDOS' voice for it.
Impressive, no?

It's quite a sweet gesture, and I'm sure the girl would've been a little taken back to hear GLaDOS address her by name.

"Creating Fun Through Fear"

Finally, here's a talk on making games scary. And it's done by a guy who works on, YOU GUESSED IT!

It's a really interesting/educational presentation and is definitely worth a look if you're interested in horror.

Now for some drawings I done did done do.

"Bone Lady"

This drawing is all biro and took about 3 hours (is that good?) and is inspired by bones and skulls etc. The woman initially came first, but then I framed her in shattered bone splinters (inspired by this) and it grew out from there. I might try something similar again some time, as I don't think I quite captured the 'bone-ness' quite right.

"FINAL Fentil Map"

Fentil has a pretty much finalised global map. (black is land, white is ocean).
Initially when I started hunkering down for this documentary, I was a little uneasy about finalising so many details about the planet/life etc, as Fentil seems so incomplete. However, the need for a final design seems to actually be helping, and is forcing me to think about the designs and make them workable. Prior to this, I changed a lot of things fairly often and the whole project felt floaty and intangible.
This may be what I need to push the whole project forward.

my joints/head/entire body are all starting to ache so I'm going back to bed and feel sorry for myself some more.

Enjoy the videos and stuff, I should be updating the progress of Fentil's documentary soon.
Once I get the website finished. (I'm tinkering with HTML and CSS and I can't tell if it's going well or not).


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