Saturday, 13 November 2010

Stairway to eleven.

[EDIT 14/11/10]
Made a mock-up of how I want this to look:

The background is still under construction, but over all this is a good representation of how the finished animation will look.
I'm happy with the shading

In order to better capture poses, I've done a short reference video

My acting is bad to say the least.
I just realised that I forgot to account for the red demon only having one arm. Ah well, I think I can easily ignore the extra limb, as it's not really used.

and here's a character sheet for each ...well, character.
Blue demon:

Red demon

And one for the background

And unrelated to work, here's something Fentil related:

Tile tops are like trees, but not quite. They often form 'forests' like these:

They form a barrier that stops light from reaching the ground, and so anything living below them lives in perpetual darkness. Well, until one of the tile tops dies and collapses.

And now some cool videos:

Some pixilation of pixelation.

I really like the pixelation effect when the taxi is hit, finally crumbling into loose blocks. I just like the lowering of resolution in general, especially when the giant bomb goes off and the Earth becomes one big pixel.
The chamfered edge of each pixels was a nice touch. The slightly glassy shader makes it look even prettier.
I wonder how they got that amorphous pixel blob to be so fluid.

More pixels!

Trucker's Delight is pretty crude, but it's funny and the pixel art is amazing.

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