Tuesday, 16 November 2010

-eleven related pun-

I'm out of punny titles for this one.

Anyway - A work in progress of 11 second club:

The blue demon's slave chain is still in rough. I'll probably leave that until the end.
Might smooth out the red demon's pointing.

In other news, recently I'd discovered that someone had taken a flash cartoon I'd submitted on Newgrounds and stuck it up on YouTube.
The reason I never submitted it is because the flash file had an ActionScript camera, which works great when you play it back as a .SWF, but it doesn't work in Quicktime, because it doesn't understand the camera. I presume.
So I left it alone, thinking that the cartoon wasn't that great and that it wouldn't really get seen much on YouTube, anyway.
I was wrong.
So I search for a duck walks into a bar one day because someone told me about another stupid video about a duck asking for grapes (which makes no sense to me - why would a duck want grapes? Although, reality and logic stops being an issue when ducks can speak and no-one seems bothered by it) . So I search youtube and I'm taken back when I see a thumbnail of my duck cartoon. I'm even more taken back when it has 170,00 views, which is more than all of my videos combined.
One guy did a german translation, which was kinda funny, but some people had submitted 'english fandubs' which -by strange coincidence- sounded exactly like me.
So FINALLY, after about a year and a half since I submitted the original, I've stuck it up on YouTube.

I've cleaned some bits up, such as the intro, the scratches on the bar and the more detailed bottles on the back wall.
That's the way to best tell it's this version.

I'm still in the process of contacting youtube and the users who uploaded it to get them to take it down.

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