Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cranking it up to elev-about 3ish

So, here's some sketches:

Initially I thought about having a drunk porter in a wine cellar being confronted by the king in front of other servants, or perhaps by extension of the 'theft' aspect; a man in the stocks.

Then I went more along the lines of perhaps making the object in question a little more personal, i.e. a body part.

I was quite inspired by this idea by this animation:

While I like the robot idea, I figured it might end up being too close to this short, so I went with the organic demons.

I quite liked using the demons again. I was thinking of using zombies, as their body parts would be easy to pull off and put back on again. The problem with using zombies, however is that they don't talk too much and I know it would end up being bloody. I wanted to make something a little more subtle for the 11 second club website.

A rough storyboard.

And HERE is an animatic:

I'm still thinking of maybe changing the characters, because I used a demon last time.
Maybe a pair of ragdolls, which also makes sense when one of them loses an arm, which also might help me shave off a few seconds. I want 2 seconds extra either way at most. I want to keep the extra to a minimum.

Speaking of ragdolls, I recently read a really interesting blog post by Media Molecule, in which they explained how Sackboy came to be.

Sackboy was initally going to be named 'Yellow Head' basing his design on the early program art (above)

Eventually they settled on the sort of shape Sackboy takes now

Some 3D renders of differentiated sackboys. That one on the top-left is just plain creepy.

In the end, Sackboy looks like this

It just makes you realize how different projects could have turned out completely differently based on slightly different choices. along the pipeline.

Full article is here.

And now, totally unrelated, here's a birthday card I made for a friend's 20th Birthday

She likes birds, red and black, and curly vines.
Everything was done in flash. The file is so big because I wanted to make sure that, when I printed it out, it wouldn't go all pixelated.

Finally, here's some stuff I've found:

Short, but sweet.

I'm not a massive HalfLife fan, in fact I've never played any. I do, however, like this guy's animation.
He usually does short action sequences using models/rigs from Valve games.
Watching this reminded me of a dream I had a while ago, part of which was in first person

Maybe I'll try something similar with this dream sequence in Maya.

While the animation isn't great, I do like this for the textures and reflections of the room. It's the sort of look I was going for when I made this:

I think the trick is not to make the 'white' actually white. In this animation, it has a beige tint.

Visceral have released another trailer for Dead Space 2. This one featuring a creepy rendition of Ring Around the Roses. They did something similar for the first Dead Space, but instead using Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I really like that wobbling effect and the orange filter they use when Isaac sees the blue-lit hallucination girl. I hope it;s in the game.

Finally here's a cool cartoon I found on Channel Frederator's YouTube channel.


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