Thursday, 18 March 2010


See, what I did there?
I'll just give you a sec to recover from the hyperventilation you're experiencing from such a comical act.
Done? good.

Anyway, I have three, yes THREE animations to put up on here.

I feel as if I should put my ident up on first, but I think I'll mix things up a bit and put this up first:

So this is the animation I made for that Dead Space competition. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Music (bought off iTunes) and characters belong to EA (I think)

Now to things more related to the whole 'uni' aspect of this uni blog;

Here is the precursor animation for the ident, just to get me back in the flow of doing cut-outs again.

and here is the real thing:

Once again, it's a paper cut out animation with me making silly noises for it. But hey, it works.... right?

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