Monday, 15 March 2010

madness and mutilation

Well, damn.
So this weekend I've been busy making an animation for a competition Visceral is doing as a promotional thing for the upcoming game,Dead Space 2.
The task is to design a kill to take down a necromorph, I chose the 'leaper'.
Winner gets their idea put into the game AND their face put onto a character model. So here's hoping.
So far:

Of course I made all of the screams and squelches myself, but the main 'panic music' is from the first game.

and here are some initial sketches for it:

I even did some mo-cap of sorts as reference. Here are a couple.

(I ended up swapping it around so Isaac stands on the leaper's head. It makes more sense in terms of weight.)
the 'leaper'.

The resemblance is uncanny, no?

So what about what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing? the ident?
Well that hasn't been forgotten and I have some pose ideas set up for it.
The animation this is based on was a sort of 'make it up on the spot' sorta thing.
here it is:

Problem with this ident is that it has a set beginning and end and planned stuff has to happen.
It may be a challenge, or it'll be easy. Only time will tell.
The basic idea is that the little guy is mad (hence the straight jacket) and that all he does is run around screaming.

here's some sketchbook work on it

BUT WAIT! there's more!

Here's last week's life drawing.

Not as much as before, but still I think it's good. I really enjoy drawing with those blue pencils. They

it's not over yet. I will continue to engorge you with my mind's workings.

Here are some old sketchbook doodles.

These are some birds from a dream I had a few night ago.

Will this torment ever end?
Not yet.

If you remember the arrowtongue I was making before, it failed. So I modeled it again (again). But now it looks SO much better.

The leg muscles turned out really well, I think.
(still need to do the tongue, though)

I wouldn't be surprised if you're not sweating right now after that hearty meal of images. No, leave. Go fat bastard.

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