Wednesday, 10 March 2010

So here's my finished FLash lip-sync project.

The sounds in the live action part were completely synthesized.

Here are 2 sketches for 2 types of Fentil creatures; the Coastal springter and trundler.

So here's two rostralocephalonates (electroheads), both of which live near the coast., the springters live on the shrapnel of islands, Ryka and the trundlers live a bit further inland on the North-West coast of the Northern continent.

Both have a similar diet of shoreline carrion and digging creatures, while still willing to catch more active prey when opportunity arises.
Unlike Sprinters, however, Trundlers have a massive electrical organ which can slam out powerful electrical discharges to stun prey (such as the shown ruby sea-sparrow)

(thought I'd try colouring the trundler using that whole soft light thingie.)
Its grey, speckled skin camouflages it against the grey pebbly flats near the deltas. The bioluminescent tissue on its feet give off electrically charged scent particles and help the territorial trundlers know where each other are at a distance by smell and their electrical sense. The light is a bi-product and the creatures are blind. The flabby muscle flaps at their sides carry 'fat' (which also stores 'protein') for insulation from the cold. If food is scarce on shore, they can also use these in a ray-like fashion to swim in shallow water.

Springters are more distantly related from beach climbers and other quadrupedal and hexapedal rostralocephalonates, and scour the Rykan shores for food. They can swim between smaller islands and hunt in the water.
They too have the glowing scent glands on the padded 'front' legs.


Here is the final render of my 3D piece

There was supposed to be ambient occlusion using this mega-render;

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