Sunday, 19 June 2011

Keeping myself busy...

I've finished colouring that sketchbook drawing:

I've been getting better at photoshop painting, and I'm really happy with the hard shadows cast from the blue, synthetic muscles, it adds a surprising amount to the picture. I wanted to keep the colours simple and bold.

I've also been tinkering with Fentil related photoshop business. I'm planning on colouring this in the same way as the guy above.

So it's some Cloverheads, mammal-like creatures that live in various parts on the planet, filling all kinds of niches.
Like all Fentil vertebrates, they feed with a mouth located at the rear end of their body. This suits the majority of Fentil vertebrates, which graze on ground plants. Some, however, have become predatory (while remaining herbivorous due to the mobile plants) and have adapted ways to hunt and eat their strange prey. This particular species has a sharp blade on their 'chin' which they use to spear and lacerate plant prey. Their tail can then fold forward underneath their body and feed.


I've continued on the little raptor thinger.

Those hands look weird


I'm going to go full-out and texture it, too. I figured that because it's a fairly low-poly model, unwrapping shouldn't take too long...


I'll probably tweak the hands. I was going for this:

The one on the left

Though I'm not going for any one type of raptor (the glaring anatomical issues give that away) but I still want to get those hands right. I think a lack of reference is probably responsible for that.

Don't worry, though.

I've got some more modeling practice lined up, for which I WILL use reference:
This guy

This guy (?)

Probably an exercise in bump-mapping, too. Not too sure how I'll model it, though.

This thing

Nice simple lemon-shape. It's an amphibious Titan life form I imaginised

This Moai (from an old dream)

It tried to kill me by headbutting me.

And probably one of these

Or something else Fentil related, perhaps a balloon worm. Who knows.

I'm sure I'll be capable of getting it all done.

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