Tuesday, 21 June 2011


As of last post, I've finished my little speed-run theropod dinosaur Maya business.
We left off with this:
A partially unwrapped mess of a creature.

So let the UV fun-wrapping begin.

I started with the main parts of the creature: The head and top/bottom halves of the body. The different colours show the separate UV bits. It just helps me see which faces I've already projected, so I don't accidently mess things up.

Such beautiful plumage

All of the parts have been separated out, but they still give the texture too much distortion, although you can't see here.
It's like a really old-timey jester

The super fun process of grabbing the UV points and dragging them into place. I cheated a bit and overlapped the legs and arms, which saves texture space. However, I made this theropod as economical as possible, so I tried to pretend I was making it for a crappy game.
Much better. All he needs now is a yellow corduroy tophat.

Then I added the texture.
Don't use alpha in your textures, kids. I causes all kinds of bizarre tomfoolery.

And FINISHED. Isn't it cute.

I'll probably rig it next.
(Oh, and give it some teeth.)

I also did this quick sketch of a chunky Fentil vertebrate.
the Blogger photo uploader was being particularly irritating today.

Those little things around its feet are hoppers; larger cousins of skippers. They are fleeing to the safety of their nest within the tile-top lattice.

I also recently found This Guy on DeviantArt and I love the way he draws mechanical things.

I need to practice my machines.

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