Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's been a long time...

...So long, in fact, that the Portal 2 reference is probably a bit old.
(Although, if Portal fans have taught us anything, it's that Portal references never get old)

DON'T you even say it

Since Easter, I finished doing rigging for The Little Helper. My final rig was the old man's face.

He seems happy about the result

Although rigging has been a pain in the spine, I've enjoyed learning about it, and I've definitely improved since I started.

Now I'll be working on Inbetween. My first shot is the Gypsy King being carried through a crowd, throwing petals at the swarms of people.

Rough lines

Clean Lines

I'm really happy with the way his body sways with each throw of petals.
I've still got some hair, petals and a feather to stick on the Gypsy King. I'm looking forward to doing some lovely overlapping secondary animation. My favourite.

Also since my last post, I've done some digital doodles.

This is Mr Geraldine
Mr Geraldine is an unfortunate fellow. He's tall, awkward and unusually yellow.
But that's not the source of his bountiful woes, the origin of that is down to his nose.
Growing from his face is an arm with a claw. At the base of said arm is a hungering maw.
Everyone he meets comes to sad ends, as the arm on his nose eats all his friends.

Not sure how I came up with him, but he doesn't like that thing on his face.

Poot Cloud.

This guy appears in my sketchbook multiple times. I liked his design so I gave him a Photoshop upgrade.

Rough design for a spacesuit/EVA suit. I've got some better designs on their way.

FINALLY here's some of the best bits from my sketchbook so far:

I haven't done enough 'proper' drawings, most have been little doodles and ideas. It makes me happy to make some decent art in my sketchbook.

Finally, some stuff to watch

A lovely short film called "The Silence Beneath the Bark".
It has a wonderful, graphic style, letting the creatures mesh with the painting-esque backgrounds.

This one, Nuri, is just disgustingly cute.

This. Creepy. The stopmotion is beautiful, though. Especially the morphing.

A trailer for an old film "Triplets of Belleville", which looks really interesting. I like how they made the cyclists look a bit like horses, emphasizing that racing spirit. Also, that song is really catchy.

Girl Wallet

So there you are.

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  1. niiice, some intresting stuff you got here. also the caek is a lie


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