Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I've had a lot on my plate

But I'll blog anyway.

I've been watching LOADS of stuff on ChannelFrederator on Youtube and I've found some pretty good stuff.
Here's two of my favourites:

I like the animation in both of these, especially the psychotown one, using 2d characters in a 3d environment... and I think it's funny. That whiny-housewife of a gimp.


What else have I been up to....

Yeah the WHAT? thing.
We have a shot rendered out.
It looks REALLY good:

Olly did a great job with the render settings, and that sub-surface scattering looks wonderful on his skin. Lookit them ears. hugh did well animating it.
We're rendering shots as we finish them, so hopefully, even if we don't finish it, we'll have SOMETHING to show for it that looks finished.
I've just finished modeling the killer and today I'm hoping to finish rigging her.

Once she's rigged we can start the hallway scene, which will be good.

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