Sunday, 6 May 2012

Biggest planet cracker in her class...

So the USG-Ishimura (my new fancy computer) has been allocated rendering duty.
However, while the computer is pretty beasty for everything else, rendering seems to be what the mining vessel seems to struggle with.
I guess planet cracking is more its thing

It's taking the my computer 25-30 minutes to render each frame, and despite tweaks to protocols, added scripts to clean up texture referencing and scene clean-up it still struggles. After rendering on and off for a few days, though, the shot is finally rendered.
Almost. The remaining few frames are being delegated to other people because their computers seem to do a better job.

So, in somewhat related news, I recently bought Dead Space 1 and 2 on Steam (because they were cheap) and I finally came across myself.

And subsequently came across myself. Sorry.

In between working on projects, I've been working on my website. This is the design/layout I'm thinking of using for my home page.

The hazard lines seem to be a running theme, which I quite like.
I added a monster me to the background.

I need to update the 'under construction'page I have for my website at the moment, as I imagine that blank page will put people off. So that'll be the plan for today. I'm trying not to make the design for the website too busy.

I gave up on the Photoshop filters for LoveHate, so instead I went back through and re-drew each frame.

It takes a while, but it fits with Alice's sketchy style she's using for the film.

The lines are all scribblified, now I just need to go through and colour it, which won't take long because it is in Flash and Flash is lovely with colouring (K -> click). None of that manual drawing as seen in ToonBoom and TVP.

Now finally, before I get back to work, I have been setting myself a challenge. have a Word of the Day app, which brings you a new and fancy word each day to help expand your vocabulary. This in conjunction with my recent efforts to get better at logo design resulted in the 'Logo of the Day' challenge. Inventive, I know. The challenge involves thinking of a company/brand/product with the word of the day name, and then see how that would affect the logo design and what message it should convey. Hopefully it will force me to try new styles and techniques.

The first day was May 3rd, Numen: "Divine power, especially one who inhabits a particular object."
This made me think of powerful AI systems residing inside a machine built body - an almost ethereal concept like consciousnesses contained within a mortally-constructed object strikes me as very similar to the genie in the lamp.

The drops line up to form an N, but what I didn't realise (and I was pretty pleased with this) is that you can use the N lines to make the letters A I . I'm just so smart even I can't keep up.
I've already failed the 'daily' aspect simply because I don't have the time to make them all neat like this one, but I have done designs for the latest 3 which I will upload eventually.

Now, you may watch some things.

Gundarr: A-Shuckin' and A-Hivin'
"Stop laughing at Gundarr!"


This song is strangely hypnotic.

Prometheus trailer

Just. Wow.

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