Monday, 20 February 2012

The masochism of late-night brain befrazzlement.

2:30 AM

After a few months of being good and going to bed at a half-decent time, I've started doing all-nighters again.
I know I shouldn't. Every time. I will always regret it in the morning after 3 hours sleep and the taste of stale coke and tea in my mouth.

So why do I do it?

As I work late into the night, listening to Deadmau5, Daft Punk and in tonight's case, this guy- time stops. The concept of the impending deadline vanishes. I have all the time in the universe to finish what I'm doing. Perhaps it simply reminds me of my younger days, spending hours and hours creating art and animation, regularly and willingly working until the early morning. Getting up in time for school didn't matter when I was crafting my one-man masterpieces.
Despite my love for this animation course, and all the people in it, I still sometimes wonder if I was more productive animation-wise before I came here, when animation was just a hobby and not a career choice.

Perhaps the enjoyment of these all-nighters is the feeling of accomplishment; that you've won the battle against biology to meet your goal. The relentless drive of the mind has won over the failings and protests of the body. And a battle it is. The best comparison I can think of is carrying a heavy sack of chicken feed on your back. You know, that thing people do all the time.
It's relatively easy to stay upright and carry it as long as you put the effort into balancing. If you don't put in the extra effort into balance, your strength lifting the sack is wasted and you come crashing down, spraying your chicken dinner all over the ground. What I'm trying to say here is that it's not the actual working that is the hard part for me, it's constantly keeping my stamina up to stay awake. One slip and boom I'm asleep. This to me is the closest thing I can describe as the 'extra gear'.

The fruits of this extra gear?
After making the 'Ice Cold' logo for Red Bar Radio, I felt inspired to make another piece of art for another favourite podcast, Distorted View.

Don't judge me by my choice of podcasts.

The basic idea was to have the show's host, Tim Henson, in a Pedobear outfit beckoning children in. His idea was to have the advertisement he described on school buses and posters, in response to a news story of Texas schools selling advertising space on the property.

On a subject of less ambiguous morals, I have compiled and combined the Fentil doodles and EVA doodles in my sketchbook from the last two months.

Hm, not as much as I'd expected.
I still have yet to combine the Machina and Weird doodles, but those will be for another post, soon.

Now back to this darned dissertation.

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