Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bitchin' Pitchin'

It's over.
It's finally over.

I actually feel like the pitch for Another Life went pretty well, I certainly got some good feedback from the panel, as well as from fellow students. It feels good to have all that stress and worry behind us. There were some other good pitches that day, and some not so good. We'll have to wait for tomorrow to see.

For the pitch I pretended I was a XenoBiologist called Adden Mesa (my favourite pseudonym) and I was representing Triple Dash, the film company to be producing the alien wildlife documentary. Here's the covers of their 'previous work' which I used for the pitch...

Okay, so that last one wasn't fresh for the pitch, it's an older piece I made a while ago for a similar idea, but for Titan. Behind Titan's Amber Veil may still be a reality, though it'll be a spare time venture.

I also tried using a lovely turnaround of a Tile Top plant:

However, something went wrong on the day and I had to use a still frame, instead. One of my favourite slides was the final frame, which has a page of 'sponsors' of the documentary.

With reputable companies such as ExoSkin - top manufacturers of EVA suits, and Genevieve Robotics - leading specialists in AI and robotics, the expedition was already very well supported. I like this frame because it let me really get embedded in the fiction.

Now, nothing to do with the pitch, but a while ago I stayed up all night/morning and did some doodles with biro. These were fun, as I abandoned my usual graphic, clean lines and got to draw in a much looser, scribbly style.


Crazy Face

Four Portraits Of Dark Men

That's all for now. Back to working.

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