Friday, 19 February 2010

Student Voice Designs:

3 sheets summarising the design choices in the characters.

The diatom had a lot of initial designs but once I chose the design from the page it didn't take long to develop it, which is why the above sheet looks so bare.

In my original design, I wanted to have a mitochondrion function as the mouth, as they are sort of elongated and even have internal cristae that look a bit like a smile. However, when I tried using this as a mouth it just didn't look right.

Like the diatom, the bacterium was simple to design once picked off the page. I think perhaps the reason I chose purple was that there is a test that can be performed on bacteria to test if they are 'gram-negative/positive' which involves staining them with a purple dye.

here are the initial designs for the the characters:

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