Saturday, 23 January 2010


luminopticates (name meaning 'light eyes') are Fentil predators that could be most closely compared to wolves on Earth, many species hunting animal prey in packs.

The small red dots are photophores that luminopticates can use to see in the dark and are also linked to expressing emotion when interacting with other individuals.
These predators have toxic bulbs at the end of flexible rods which they use to stun/kill prey. The rods themselves are modified legs (they are hexapods, although unrelated to hexapod forkheads) and are usually used to assist balance.
In infants, they are used more defensively and also to help the parent find its offspring by reflecting light, effectively creating a SOS beacon.

Their large leathery feet have 3 'toes'; two grooved pads on the outside, with the middle toe folding forwards and under the foot, curling up behind the 'ankle' (which, like all of the leg joints, only bends forwards.) These claws are used for climbing and holding prey.
Opportunistic hunters, most luminopticates will hunt whatever they can.

Their main give-away to the relation to vertebrates is the reproductive organs located on the dorsal side of the body, in this case protected by a tough spike.

I think the baby one is cute.

For this I used the rule of thirds thing and some colour palettes.

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