Monday, 2 November 2009

Cubey II and skeleton thingies.

Cubey 2 is finished

Took me a while, but the little thing is finally done.
If I could adjust anything,I would have added more scenery just to make it seem less barren.
Although, in saying that, I would really like to render these out, make them look all nice and glossy.
...maybe for part 3, which is going to be a personal project. It should be interesting.

Also, some practice in pixilation here as me and Hughey Herbert made a little spooky animation involving a skeleton and a ghost.

He animated the bone man and I did the background and ghost.
I twas all done on a vertical whiteboard so gravity was a bit of an issue, so was rubbing out and re-drawing the ghost and covered background.
The video zooms out halfway through because the camera turned itself off halfway through and we forgot to zoom it back in again. Must make mistakes to learn, I suppose.
I also learned the hard way not to rub out loads of dry marker with your finger then wipe it on your stains.

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